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  1. "It’s entirely possible that I’m exactly the wrong person to review comics porn."
  2. "Eroyn Franklin’s The Here contains two vignettes: two sets of friends walk down a rundown, graffitied street, and spatially and temporally meet in the middle. (As such, this minicomic can be read either front to back or back to front.) The decline of the richly textured street — Franklin uses pen, ink, hatching and wash — is told from each set’s perspective: two aging hipsters who have watched it go downhill in the span of five years’ time, and two visitors who can’t find anything due to recent changes in the neighborhood."
  3. "Of the comics Nobrow publishes, Jon McNaught’s work, perhaps, best exemplifies their sensibility, which can cross over from polished to airlessness. In Pebble Island, McNaught’s hyper-clear, flat textures and cool palette evoke boggy plains: according to Nobrow’s website, Pebble Island draws from the cartoonist’s childhood memories of the Falklands."
    — By Design: Nobrow Press by Kristy Valenti.